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Who Are We?

Plutanium, LLC is an app publishing company that strives to provide high quality user friendly apps that make people’s lives more enjoyable. Located near the Microsoft headquarters in SW Washington State, Plutanium specializes in the Windows phone and Windows 8 app markets.

Where Are We Going?

Our goal is to design apps that make your life easier and to help you manage your busy day to day issues. Soon we will have a long line of helpful, well thought out and written applications

What Have We Done?

We have just released our flagship app, "You-Doo". Read more about You-Doo below and follow the links to download it today. Check back often to keep up to date on our upcoming apps that are in development and updates to our current apps which will continue to add functionality and depth to our existing app pool.

You-Doo, An App for Life

You-Doo adds proximity activated alerts to a robust task scheduler and to-do lists via the onboard GPS of a windows 8 device.

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Live Timeline View

Quick and easy visual representation of all your upcoming scheduled tasks for the day, week and beyond! You can manage your upcoming schedule right from this screen with the ability to expand each day, edit and add tasks as well as view the distance from any given GPS location the task is located. Pin your live timeline right to your 'Start' screen for up to date information on your scheduled tasks on a livetile. You-Doo's live timeline offers a unique and helpful way to navigate, your busy day.

Configurable GPS Location Groups

Start off by defining GPS locations where you perform your most frequent tasks. Make one for your home, work, shopping centers, entertainment facilities, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can then define individual tasks that will fire toast message reminders when passing through the defined areas that contain active tasks assigned to them.

Location Information with Mapping

Switch to the map view at any time to watch your physical movement in relation to your defined GPS group circles and the tasks they contain. Never miss a beat. Start letting You-Doo help you become more efficient in your daily life today!