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Hello everyone!

We have been very busy here at Plutanium in the weeks following our recent release of You-Doo as a Universal app. Now that You-Doo is available on the Windows Store as well as the Windows Phone Store, we have been receiving very positive feedback.

Being able to use your PC to enter and update your tasks while using the phone app as your mobile companion to alert you to nearby things to do is such a great combination. We wanted to let you all know the things we have been working on since then.

We have released a number of small updates that contain bug fixes and added functionality. Below is a list of our recent updates. Head on over to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store today and get your copy. It’s free!

Update – v2.0.5.0

<Change Log>

– Added a Large Live Tile to the Windows app.

– Fixed an issue where a user’s devices could get out of sync and cause a syncing error to persist.

– Added some cosmetic changes related to data refreshing.

Update – v2.0.4.0

<Change Log>

– Removed a redundant permission request after app install on PC/Tablet app.

– Fixed an issue on gps group creation that could cause a user to be unable to save if address retrieval failed.

– Creating a task from the live timeline will once again default to ‘due date active’ rather than no due date as the default.

– Changed color of the zoom in and zoom out icons on Phone app’s map screen to use the user defined Phone Accent Brush for better visibility and app cohesion.

Update – v2.0.3.0

<Change Log>

– Added Rate and Review option to menu.

Update – v2.0.2.0

<Change Log>

– Further adjustments to background tasks.

– Removed app name from store logos since they are now included in the new art.

– Changed whenever task creation to default to no due date.

– Made a few recommended modifications to the German language strings

Update – v2.0.1.0

<Change Log>

– Refined background tasks to work more consistently

– Updated store logo art with higher resolution images

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