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You-Doo is now a ‘Universal’ app!

WindowsAndPhoneWhat does this mean? It means You-Doo is now available not only on your Windows phone but also on any device running Windows 8.1+ including PC’s, Tablets and soon Xbox One!

You can continue to use the free version of You-Doo on all devices but for the full experience You-Doo Pro is now available as an in-app-purchase. For $4.99 you can buy it on one device and you will own it on all devices. Here are some of the new exciting features that Pro brings.

• Task sharing
• Device syncing
• Cloud saves
• Local calendar export
• Driving directions
• Additional task icons and colors

So head on over to your favorite Windows App Store today and grab your copy!
Download on the Windows Store  Download on the Windows Phone Store

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