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Windows 10 is imminent!

conferenceToday I sat in on a live webcast straight from the heart of Microsoft with the top dogs talking about Windows 10 and what it will bring. It was very interesting and they had plenty of surprises.

Can you say holograms? Well that was all the buzz during the broadcast. Here are just a few of the things I learned today.

Main Highlights

  • Xbox now runs universal apps
  • New “Continuum” feature lets users seamlessly switch between desktop mode and metro mode.
  • Start menu is back and even better. Can full screen.
  • Action center is updated and allows direct interaction from installed apps
  • Cortana updated with a load of new features and is coming to all devices including PC.
  • Skype being integrated into phone SMS messaging system which is also cross platform to any other device that can run skype.
  • Office suite being turned into full Universal app with full functionality between phone, tablet pc and xbox.
  • Commenting, markup and notation added to all web pages in the new Internet Explorer (code named Spartan). (say good bye to snagit?)
  • Reading lists and reading modes available in Spartan and roams between all your devices.
  • Cortana integrated throughout Spartan.

For a look at my full (unedited) notes follow this link.

~Kyle Silcox

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