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About You-Doo

You-Doo adds proximity activated alerts to a robust task scheduler and to-do lists via the onboard GPS of a windows 8+ device.

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Proximity AlertsProximity triggered alerts for tasksYou-Doo lets you designate geographical areas around your city to be used in conjunction with specific tasks. When you move through the designated area, any tasks that are assigned to that area will trigger a toast message on your phone reminding you that you have a task to perform near there.

GeofenceCustomizable Geofences You decide how big or small your GPS group reminder areas are with our scaleable geofence boundries. Use the slider to adjust the diameter of your Gps Groups so you can fine tune your reminder experience.

Live TilesLive Tiles for individual tasks and live timeline Pin individual tasks right to your start screen for easy access and high visibility. You can also pin the live timeline or any of the GPS groups you have defined. Try out the different pinning options to discover which ones are most useful to you.

GPS GroupsConfigurable Gps location groups for categorizing tasks Set up Gps locations where you perform your most frequent tasks. Make one for your home, work, shopping centers, entertainment facilities, etc. You can then define individual tasks that will fire toast message reminders when passing through the defined areas that contain active tasks assigned to them.

Live Timeline


GPS GroupsLocation information with mapping integration to Bing maps and Foursquare You-Doo has integrated the popular Foursquare venues api to give you access to local attractions, hotspots and businesses for use in building your GPS location groups. Along with Microsoft’s Bing Map services You-Doo has a lot to offer in function and convenience.

Multi LingualMulti Language Options You-Doo is currently available in six languages. English, Spanish, Russian, German, French and Chinese. Choose your preferred language in the app settings. Additional languages may be added in the future so check back often for additional information and updates.

Universal AppWindows Phone, PC and Tablet You-Doo is now a Universal app which means you can download on your phone, pc or tablet. Buy the Pro version once and own it on all of your devices. Visit the Windows Store and the Windows Phone Store to download both form factors. You-Doo will also be available on the Xbox One console soon!

Pro Version Features

(available through an in-app-purchase)

Friend Share‘Friend Share’ task sharingConnect with friends and loved ones and share your tasks and grocery lists over Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. Send location information and a proximity or time triggered task to any of your friends who also have You-Doo and have it remind them to perform your task or pickup your grocery list!

Driving DirectionsDriving Directions Plan it, Map it, Drive it. Drive your day with confidence. Let You-Doo map your way to your next task. Fully integrated Driving Directions and Voice Navigation with your favorite mapping application allows you the freedom to concentrate on what’s important. Let You-Doo be your navigator!

Sync to the cloudSync tasks between multiple devices You-Doo is also available on the PC and Windows powered Tablets. Enjoy the convenience of being able to enter your lists and task items from your computer, tablet or phone and have them automatically sync between all of your devices.

Export to Outlook CalendarSync Calendar Items Export your tasks to straight your Microsoft Outlook Calendar for your convenience so you always have your info at your fingertips. Download You-Doo today and start streamlining your busy life.


Driving Directions

Tech Specs

You-Doo phone and data requirements are as follows:

  • Networking
  • Media Library Audio Function
  • Media Library Playback Function
  • Sensors
  • Web Browser Componants
  • Location Services
  • Map Services

Supported Resolutions:

  • HD720P (720x1280)
  • WXGA (768x1280)
  • WVGA (480x800)

Version information

- Update - v2016.519

- You-Doo is now available as a Windows 10 UWP App!
  • You-Doo is now available not only on your Windows phone but also on any device running Windows 8.1+ including PC’s, Tablets and soon, Xbox One!
Universal for Free
  • You can continue to use the free version of You-Doo on all devices but for the full experience You-Doo Pro is now available as an in-app-purchase.

You-Doo is available for download on:

Now Available!

Now Available!

How It Works

Learn how to use You-Doo

Start off by setting up some GPS Groups

Define gps areas on the map where you perform your most frequent tasks. Make one for your home, work, shopping centers, entertainment facilities, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can then define individual tasks that will fire toast message reminders when passing through the defined areas that contain tasks with geo reminders assigned to them.

Next let's setup some 'Whenever' tasks

Whenever tasks are any task that is not time sensative. If it doesn't have a due date, it's a whenever task. Whenever tasks are great for tasks and reminders that you aren't in a hurry to complete.

Now we'll add in some 'Active' tasks

Any task that has a due date assigned to it is considered 'Active'. These will show up on the Live Timeline as well as the Active tasks list. The ability to quickly view appointments and scheduled items on the live timeline is a very powerful tool. Never be late again!

Convenient Live Timeline

The live timeline is a great place to quickly see what you have coming up in your busy schedule. You can scroll through the upcoming days and expand individual days to view each item seperately. Add and edit tasks right from the live timeline or navigate to the calender view for a more detailed outlook on scheduled tasks.

Pin what's important to you

You-Doo allows you to 'pin' the information that makes the most sense to you. If you only want the live tile to display the number of tasks that are located in your current area then just use the main live tile. You can also pin individual tasks to your home screen. Personalize your experience by adjusting the sizes and arranging them however you want. Don't forget to add You-Doo to your phone's quick status menu on your lock screen for the full experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Q.Why does You-Doo sometimes take a few minutes before it notifies me of a nearby task?

A.You-Doo relies on Microsoft’s Geofencing technology to trigger toast alerts to nearby tasks. The Geofencing tech has been designed so it won’t drain your battery. There are a series of algorithms Microsoft uses to determine when a user is ‘on the move’ or ‘nearing/leaving a geofence area’. Your phone is not constantly polling your location and therefore the alerts are not always triggered immediately upon entering or leaving a gps location. If you ‘loiter’ in a gps area that has an active task for even a few minutes your events should fire and your alert messages will display.

Additionally, if your device does not have a gps sensor, You-Doo will try to determine your location by using cellular towers and wifi information. In some circumstances no location data will be available and You-Doo will try to use your ‘last-known’ location but if that isn’t available You-Doo will then default to longitude 0 and latitude 0 as your current location. You-Doo for Windows is best when used in conjunction with You-Doo for Windows Phone for ‘on the go’ task alerts and proximity services.

Q.Can I sync my You-Doo tasks and lists on my tablet/pc and my phone?

A.Absolutely! You-Doo is a Universal App which means you can get it for any windows 8.1+ device and sync your data between all of your favorite devices. You-Doo really shines when you have it on your PC or Tablet and use a Windows Phone as your mobile task reminder.

Q.Does You-Doo use a lot of battery power?

A.It does not. You-Doo utilizes Microsoft's Geofencing technology in order to alert you to nearby tasks. Since the geofencing aparatus is already in place on Windows devices and since Cortana and other Microsoft Apps use geofencing as well, there is no additional drain on the phone's battery when using You-Doo. Geofencing is designed to be very light weight and to use minimal amounts of your battery resources.