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You-Doo 1.5 is here!

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With the arrival of  version 1.5 The team at have added two new language packs to You-Doo! Both German and French are now available. That brings the total number of supported languages to 5.

In consideration of our European friends we have also added the metric system of measure as well as European date/time formatting.

Here is a full list list of changes for version 1.5 available now:

Update – v1.5.5308.29027

<Features Added>

– Added new language – German.
– Added new language – French.
– Added option to switch to metric measurements in the app settings.
– Changed date and time to conform to selected language formatting.

<Bugs Squashed>

– Fixed a bug when adding a gps group from within the task creation screen, it would not update to the newly made gps group in the dropdown list until you reselected it.
– Other minor fixes/changes.

Download it Here –

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