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Bioware Director Casey Hudson to lead Xbox and HoloLens games division

Remember the Mass Effect series? We do! Microsoft has hired on Casey Hudson who was the director of that series along with being a project director on the Knights of the Old Republic saga to be their new creative director for Xbox and HoloLens gaming. I don’t know about you, but that gets us gamers over here at pretty excited because most of us are big fans of both of those franchises.  Hopefully he lays some golden paths in Microsoft’s rising gaming presence. In a statement by Hudson he … Continue reading

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You-Doo is now a ‘Universal’ app!

What does this mean? It means You-Doo is now available not only on your Windows phone but also on any device running Windows 8.1+ including PC’s, Tablets and soon Xbox One! You can continue to use the free version of You-Doo on all devices but for the full experience You-Doo Pro is now available as an in-app-purchase. For $4.99 you can buy it on one device and you will own it on all devices. Here are some of the new exciting features that Pro brings. • Task sharing • Device syncing … Continue reading

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Skype video conferencing just became FREE

In a marketplace where other video conferencing tools are free to use, such as Google Hangouts, Microsoft has decided to follow suit with it’s flagship conferencing tool. Skype video conferencing is now a free service from Skype. It was previously a part of the premium service and Skype users have been requesting it to become free for a long time. Well, the time has arrived. Skype users rejoice!

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Build your own apps with the new unified app studio beta

Microsoft just released the new beta version of the Unified App Studio web software that makes it easy for anyone with a little gumption to make their very own apps. The ‘unified’ part of the descriptions means that you can now create apps that will work on both windows app stores right out of the box. Microsoft has two different app store ecosystems right now. There is an app store that is for Windows 8 tablets/pc’s and a separate store for Windows Phone. Up until now, you had to create two separate … Continue reading

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You-Doo releasing soon!

Get ready! You-Doo is gearing up for release. Look for it in February 2014.

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